1 of 4 Nutrition challenges done, what did we learn so far?


1 of 4 Nutrition challenges done, what did we learn so far?

We finished up the first of 4 nutrition challenges last week and the results did not disappoint. This challenge served as a first step for the healthiest year of your life by putting some good habits in place, determining and eliminating which foods you have intolerance’s too, re-establishing gut health and improving G.I. function, detoxify the body from bad foods, metals, molds, and other toxins in your diet and daily routines. While this diet wasn’t the “sexiest” on paper……it was straight forward, and really not too hard to handle at all. The route chosen or the amount of discipline put into each person’s diet varied from individual to individual, as well as the results they found. Most of us had 100% adherence the first 3 weeks where we eliminated pretty much anything except fish, turkey, wild game, vegetables, and bone broth. After that as we started to add things back in, and this is where we found some surprising results with the foods we were so use to eating everyday.

For myself I came into this diet looking for a way to eliminate/reduce inflammation. Gout and inflammation have a history in my family, and I’ve seen those same symptoms in myself as I get older so this was something I was really concerned with. It turns out that pork will cause my hands and knees to swell almost immediately. As I looked further into this, I found out the pork is on average has 50-75% more inflammatory markers then beef. So I took it out of my diet…….forever. Beef causes the same issue if it is a higher fat and lower quality of meat. So filet’s, sirloins, and lean ground are ok…….if they are grass fed and grass finished and limited to about once a week or less. Wild game and fish have zero inflammation effect on my joints that I can notice. Chicken was another thing we eliminated. I had no problems putting that back in, but 2 people I spoke to said that chicken caused alot of gas problems. Which you may think is not a big deal, but this whole diet was based on fixing gut health and eliminating the things that can distress it. A distressed stomach cannot digest the food and turn it into fuel no matter  how good you choose to eat. Nut allergies was a popular discovery on this diet. Laren Bridges had discovered a nut allergy on the Keto Diet chalenge last year, but this go around found it to be so severe that even the “pecan” coffee at H-E-B would cause skin problems for her. For me I didn’t have a allergy to nuts, however they had became a major go to snack which was leading to several handfuls of nuts a day. Cutting this out obviously led to a huge decrease in calories and probably assisted alot in the amount of bodyfat I was able to lose, (nuts have 3x the calories of non nut snacks) and a improvement in G.I. track. Apparently lots of nuts keep you from having healthy happy bowl movements. Which was another thing that we tracked…….

Healthy Bowl movements, means a healthy and happy stomach or G.I. track. We asked members to keep track of how their bowl movements improved and/or were changed due to adding a food in. Austin Stephans gave me the best explanation with this result in full effect, “took everything out for 3 weeks, as soon as had a greasy, high carb, meal……I had to go to the bathroom”……simple enough! When we eat these things every day, we do build up a higher tolerance which allows us to eat them. But what is happening to our bodies in the process just so we can process rancid oils, mold, toxins, arsenic ingredients, and just overall dead processed food? Is bacon every morning worth me having severe gout and have to take a daily medicine when I’m in my late 40’s? Hell no, and Pizza isn’t worth almost pooping myself from time to time.

Bone broth was one of the supplements we talked ALOT about and recommended to everyone. I know they did because literally every grocery store in Midland, TX would be out of that Kettle and Fire bone broth goodness almost every time I went. Bone broth has amazing gut healing properties that we discussed. For me, it was just the right amount of taste/calories for me to continue a morning fast till abut 2:00pm everyday. One of the unexpected benefits a few of us picked up from the bone broth was less pain and swelling in our joints. Turns out that drinking bone broth yields more condroitin, glucosamine, and collagen then popular “joint pain” pills which lead to even less inflammation and joint stiffness for me.

Most everyone lost some weight in that first 3 weeks. Some stayed the course and continued to lose more weight if that was their goal. Wade, Marc, and Nico all lost 7-12 lbs total but what was more impressive was thay they were able to do this while adding or maintaining muscle mass, losing bodyfat, and still hitting PR’s in the gym. Keep in mind this challenge took place also during our Level Method testing cycle! Nico and Marc both expressed that the reason they liked the diet so much was just because of how simple it was. Simple guidelines of what to eat and not eat, easy snacking foods that could be ate on the go or at work, and overall just a detachment from “making another meal”. There is something real simple about knowing that all you have to do is drink your bone broth for breakfast, have a can of tuna w/ rice and avocado for lunch, and then eat with reckless abandon on turkey and veggies at night! I’ve been a high fat/low carb diet guy for several years now and was concerned with losing muscle mass on this elimination diet due to the fact that I stay very lean bodyfat year round. With rice and veggies being the main carb sources, I made sure to have 4-5 fist size servings a day which led to me losing 3% bodyfat and gaining 5lbs of muscle!!!!! Again, while performing at 100% (did a IBJJF tournament in Austin, hit levels method testing, and did granite games CF comp in snyder)

So while getting lean and losing weight is never really one of my goals……. I was able to manipulate the diet to get the benefits that I wanted from it. While others were able to get what they wanted. The takeaway that I wanted everyone to get from this first challenge was a starting point. Were building a toolbox for nutrition, and every day we make our meals from this toolbox. Right now, our toolbox is just the basic craftsman single handle tool box. Its got a list of foods we know we tolerate best, foods we should eat sparingly, and foods we should avoid at all costs. It also has some quick detox and gut reset tools for when we get off track and need to reset. We know basic ways to prepare these foods either on the go, in a pinch, or during meal prep for success. Its important to note, my toolbox does not have the same lists and tools that yours does. This is your toolbox and it will be custom to you and your body, goals, and experiences.

Next challenge starts in 6 more weeks where we will start building a new tool to add, super foods. If your set with the basic food guidelines for your body its time to start adding in super powers with superfoods. Super foods are natural organic foods that are super dense in either macro or micro nutrients. The human body only can consume about 2-4lbs of food a day. How are you choosing your 4lbs? Obviously 4lbs of organic beef, vegetables, and healthy fats has more MICRO-NUTRIENTS then 4lbs of Whataburger. But the Whataburger will have more energy potential (calories) even if they are the bad kind. So what if we could have the best of both worlds? 2-4lbs of solid nutrient packed, caloricly delivering, hunger satiating, fat burning, muscle building power house super foods are the answer! And were going to go over every nutrition hack we can to pack em in. Food prepping recipes for superfoods on the go, smoothie recipes to squeeze some fast absorbing superfoods in the morning, real food supplements to make your life/diet easier (and cheaper too), and charts to track your intake. As always I’m diving deep into the weeds on everything superfoods and bringing only the most up to date and relative information to you in a seminar format.

Maybe you skipped the first challenge, felt you didn’t want/or need it, or signed up and just never really got started. Thats ok! One of the things about this annual challenge plan is that were going to be mindful of our nutrition for the entire year. Falling off the wagon and eating a few cheatmeals over a day or even a weekend is ok……..and will happen. Losing track for weeks at a time and gaining 10-15-20+ lbs is just unacceptable, and I’m giving out every damn tool I can think of to make sure that doesn’t happen to anyone at BCF! If you want to get on the elimination diet now before the next challenge starts I will be glad to help you! We can do a 1 time private nutrition consult to get you on the right track OR If your food savvy….. I’ll just send you the info to follow your self.

Until then!!!!! Keep making good food choices based on the toolbox you have! Keep adding foods in that you haven’t tried. If you find one that doesn’t agree, throw it on the “don’t eat” list. Be ready for Mid- April when we take it to the next level!